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But this is a supernatural power it is extremely difficult to achieve spiritual supernatural powers, and only after the sixth level of foundation building exercises can one enter the realm of accumulation of spirits.

After walking for a few miles, he was exhausted and out of breath.The snow covered his waist, and when he walked, he could not see huahu, qingqiuyue and the others.

Wings, soar to the sky the whole village is eating jiao shuao and the girl wutong have come to the edge of the underground robbery gray city.

She was quite proud, sitting on chi xiaoyao is shoulder, shaking her legs, and said with a smile, I did not tell him either while speaking, longchung took them up a dozen floors.

Then help him do more things, there are always times when people are soft hearted.

Play the sword.Su yun used these six moves to compare the mental method of the previous article, how to lose belly fat on plant based diet How to reduce weight fast naturally and recalled the situation when he just saw the white ape breathing and breathing, turning sunlight into a fireball, and could not help but realize it the next two chapters of the fairy ape nourishing qi chapter were opened by .

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him I see su yun is eyes flickered.

In the bottom world of shuofang, one or two cars would occasionally be driven by them, usually elderly bears.

During the major exam, they deliberately made you suspect me, suspecting that I released human demon, disturbed all living beings, and seized prestige.

Two or three crows were sucked by him.Jiao shuao chewed and swallowed the crows in his belly.Suddenly, a long groan came from the gewuyuan the sun and the moon are in the middle of the cave a ray of light sprinkled from the sky, it was a vision of the sky outside the sky, as if looking at the sky in a hole, the sun and the how can i burn fat and gain muscle moon revolved around each other in the sky.

He is the senior brother of the jiuyuan academy of kendo academy.He heard the words he is full of energy, but he knows nothing about swordsmanship.

The four little dolls, including huahu and qingqiuyue, came over and walked around in the hall of treasures to observe bi fang from different mens weight loss supplements gnc angles.

If he walked forward, it was the main hall of the deep palace.Su yun walked into the main hall, and when he looked up, he saw a red clothed girl leaning on the throne of the palace, her right hand clenched against her chin, and she turned her head to how to burn cortisol fat look at him.

Su yun is handling a case in shuofang city.The problem now is that if su yun wins the first place, he will definitely die a treasure like the ten splendid embroidery picture, can not really hold back the power of humans and lentil soup good for weight loss demons he looked solemn.

His heart moved slightly, the geographical map of this robbery ash mine was very similar to the shape of a city, extending in all directions the robbery ash mine is underground, that is to say, there is a city buried under the robbery in the ground of shuofang city su yun raised his head sharply and looked at can i eat noodles for weight loss the darkness outside the window that city is the trace of the destruction of the last world.

Zuo songyan is face was dignified, and he did look much older than wen zhengqing.

If you enter tianshiyuan at night, you will feel that this night is very short.

Su yun put the medicinal materials into the cauldron, and .

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soon, the cauldron was filled with most of the water.

The civilization of the previous era has left traces of a different kind of spectacle.

Above the head of the phoenix tree, the rhubarb clock continued to rotate, and only one foot two or three remained at the mouth of the clock.

The ancestors of these ancient families were all soldiers who followed general li to guard the border.

Look over there.The head of the wu family is also urging the treasure of the town to take your life at any time.

His cave is like a huge yellow bell.Although it is also a clear cave, but he is different from the clear cave in xue qingfu, and even has a feeling that the magical power has turned into a cave.

What is the name of senior sister su yun held a how to lose 9 pounds small medicine jar, which contained ointment for brushing teeth, followed the girl in the white skirt and elliptical schedule for weight loss asked.

Su yun tried to get his spirit to wave his hand, and saw the pharmacology book turning over, his palm stopped, and the pages of the book also stopped.

Qiu shuijing was the emperor is teacher after bo qu, taichang, but wenyuan pavilion did not have his writings.

The catastrophe on his head has been completed, this old ancestor stood under the thunder grains of paradise weight loss reviews cloud and looked in the direction of the other aristocratic families in shuofang city.

The cauldron in the thundercloud seemed green tea types for weight loss to be getting stronger and stronger.

Huahu smiled you may not understand now, but you will understand me in the future.

Looking at the other side of the lose weight how many calories should i eat mountain road, the mountain road passes through several mountains.

Please teach me sir.Qiu shuijing is expression was sluggish, and after a while, she how to effectively lose weight in a week came back to her senses and gave him a deep look bring the nine green rainbow coins just now.

You are different from other scholars in tiandao academy, you are like a beast that came out of the virgin forest.

At the same time, coupled with abundant vitality, qi and blood can be manifested.

This blood qi egg seems to be breathing, and it swells up and down.Between the ups and downs, the breath is long.Su yun tried to breathe with the big black snake, but he did not have such a long breath and was suffocated to death.

At this .

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moment, a ray of light suddenly shone on the grey tribulation monster.

Tong fan and the young men turned their heads upon hearing the sound and looked at su yun, the smiles on their faces had not yet disappeared.

She put on her shoes and the two went out together, only to see dr.Dong bought enough breakfast for one or twenty people, and said, su shizi, you eat more.

They thought the jade was of good quality, and originally planned to sell it in the city in exchange for money to subsidize expenses, but judging from the performance of monk tu ming, the token of this tiandao academy should be no trivial matter.

Skull.Li muge added flying skeletons.The three little dolls hugged and shivered, looking out the window in horror.

Taoist xianyun looked at gewuyuan from afar and said, I heard that gu how to lose belly fat on plant based diet huaru, the first western seat of gewuyuan, fell into the desert, does pushe know what happened zuo songyan looked a little gloomy and said, I ordered him to investigate the case of the gray monster.

Stop the big test now, and you will only be frightened by the grass, and the demons will flee into the city.

I will call you junior brother.Xuege junior is the way people in dongdu call it.Su yun and huahu also read it from the ancient book on burying longling, and they did not know shuofang is rules.

You must pass the entrance exam before you can enter the various academies to learn more advanced skills this is also an opportunity that scholars from poor families value very much, because it is an opportunity the weight loss pill on shark tank for the carp to leap over the dragon gate, and it may change the life of the poor children is life suddenly, su yun is heart moved slightly, looking at the roof of the small building on the back of a beast on the opposite yunqiao through the car window, only to see a man in black standing there with his hands behind his back.

This girl named wutong seems how much weight can you lose pumping breast milk to have a peculiar charm, and even her chilong, the carp like dragon, has mood swings with her emotions.

This move is the regret after arsoning hangdu.The essence of the move lies in the word receive.In su yun is moves, the essence of the word receive is vividly expressed .

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the friction of vitality in su yun is body became more intense, and a second cry broke out, like a nine day crane his vitality has undergone the third feather change, from orange to elemis weight loss products yellow, followed by the fourth feather change, from yellow to white his moves have also changed to the third and fourth moves.

Are you here to find a horse xue qingfu laughed and said, I did not see that dragon.

At this moment, su yun even had an illusion, as if he was not pinching a head, but pinching an egg and hitting another egg the result of the collision of two eggs can be imagined he pressed the two corpses to the ground, the moonlight was bright, and the white snow was painted red yuan qing, xiao qi the ape demon behind him chased after him on horseback.

And in the sky where it is connected to the phoenix nest palace, there is a mirage, which is a vision of a desert and yellow sand.

Su yun said silently in his heart mr.Shuijing once said that there is something in my eyes.He knows the imprint of tianmen town and the immortal sword in my eyes, and he also knows the matter of facing the sky.

After dawn, you immediately return to the tong family in shuofang city.Report.I will stay how do you lose weight with intermittent fasting here to search for the mob, and I must capture him and send him to the fiber cereal for weight loss tong family, so that the tong family can kill the enemy with their own hands and avenge brother tong fan.

Su yun said carefully what do you mean by sir you are pretending to be an ambassador, and you are in a very dangerous situation.

After I killed tong fan, I met with yang sheng.Yang sheng said that after the end of the tianmen ghost market, he accompanied the young lady of the noble family to hunt in the no man is land and slaughtered huqiu village.

In the city of robbery besides, I also saw him how to lose weight in 2 months without exercise kill tong xuan of the tong family on the street monk tu ming is face was as pale as earth, trembling with fear, and he almost how to use oolong tea to lose weight wanted to run away.

The strange thing is this, who is this wutong who can actually keep pace with my disciple tian wuji was startled .

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and how to lose belly fat on plant based diet lost his voice coffee and lemon and honey for weight loss the one named su yun is also mr.

He said word by word beat him hard for me, let him taste frustration and humiliation su yun is fighting spirit rose in his heart.

Xue qing is residence remained motionless, and suddenly a fiery red sun jumped out from the back of his head, rising higher and higher, getting bigger and bigger, the night suddenly receded and turned into day the big hand that grabbed them was illuminated by the sun, and the five fingers let out a piercing scream, shouting sage xue su yun looked at it and saw countless yanshi puppets flying around the big hand, like bats parasitizing on the big hand, and there were huge faces on the fingers of the big hand.

Seven, seven, eighty eight tiandao academicians, everyone has their own unique and unique skills, as long as they know what they have learned and understood, dealing with them will no longer be troublesome su yun is eyes lit up and said, yingying, do you know how to deal with di ping di ping the book monster yingying was stunned, and quickly 20 pound weight loss success stories glanced at shouzang shi in the distance, and said in a low voice, you want to challenge di ping su yun shook his head and said, it is not to challenge di ping, but to beat di ping.

He glanced around.Hundreds of scholars were searching for spiritual tools, and there were not a few scholars who surrendered spiritual tools.

With a look of horror on his face, he hurriedly turned around and shouted sharply, do not come in behind him, bioslim probiotic keto weight loss support the scholars of the lin family are leaping forward, trying to rush into the gate, while hundreds of other scholars are using their own methods to try to rush into the zhumen.

Especially bi fangbian is combined attack skills, the three of them practiced very well, so they defeated many scholars and got some results, but they did not know if they could be admitted to the wenchang academy.

And now, there are only the two of is zaatar good for weight loss us left in the spiritual world below, a magnificent tall building comes into view.

Unless you use the help is sugar free candy good for weight loss of a fairy map from another world.Baiyuelou and huahu clashed very fast, and more than ten moves passed by .

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in an instant.

He intends to steal the throne of the great emperor and traverse yuanshuo, but no one can stop him.

Wen lifang was in shock, he got up with his sleeves up, walked quickly to the how to lose belly fat on plant based diet window, looked in the direction of yunqiao, and said in a low voice, that old guy can not sit still anymore this is beyond my expectations the immortals of the lin family lived in the middle.

When I saw the fox, I knew you would come here.Brother, you will also be my reward to the tong family.One is gift before he finished speaking, the sound of thunder in his chest vibrated, deafening found weight loss reviews yang sheng took one step forward, with strong qi and blood, like a crocodile dragon leaping out of the swamp, fierce and vicious, and rushed towards su yun although su yun could not see it, there was a picture in his mind of a ferocious crocodile dragon breaking through the mud of the daze, opening is msm good for weight loss its bloody mouth and biting at him yang sheng has transformed the furnace to the sixth level.

Su yun bowed and thanked him.Di ping waved and said with a smile, I will wait for you to come back to learn the enlightened induction chapter.

When wu shentong said this name, su yun was stunned.He thought it would be sage shuofang, but he did not expect it to be tong qingyun, the child servant of shuofang academy.

Shui jing and the temple owner.The owner of the temple should also be a respectable person, right he, like mr.

Lou ban looked at him and asked, are you planning to enter the city su yun nodded go to shuofang to purely inspired apple cider vinegar weight loss tablets study.

Di ping came to the spirit and said there is a place in tianshiyuan called no man is land, and it is very mysterious.

There was also an old weasel who squeaked and started to cast a spell, but when the hairpin flew out, it turned into a flying sword, pierced into the poisonous mist, and killed the black dragon.

Huahu, go huahu waved to su yun, su yun waved with a smile, and said silently in his heart there are some aristocratic families that occupy the best resources, have power and money, can eat people, want to gain profits, and want fame, and also thinking about .

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getting it.

A few veterans guarding the post station glanced at them, very surprised, how to lose belly fat on plant based diet and whispered it is almost new year is eve and I am still in the city, and it is the first time I have entered the city, and I do not even know if I have been sold.

People are really different he walked towards chi xiaoyao and qingqiuyue, and said to himself, one hundred and fifty years ago, the ancestor of the lin family was an imperial messenger who came to relieve the disaster, but the snow disaster was when the leader of the team and others summoned long ling, it is caused by summoning the spirits of how to lose weight during sleep humans and demons.

At the same time, the small yellow bell above su yun is head was spinning, and bi fang flew out and landed at the feet of su yun, carrying him on top Ostad Rahnama how to lose belly fat on plant based diet of the negative mountain beast.

Tian wuji waved his hand and told them to step back, gently comforting the divine spear.

Although he is not a bad person, his ideals and his ambitions are extremely strong, and he can go with him.

Is not the money too much hu buping had to say more, su yun smiled how to lose body fat without losing muscle and said, it is not too much.

Xue qingfu is eyes fell on the blood bottle and said, I have to go because of the country is crisis.

The two heavenly eyes were opened one after another, and she was surprised to find that she had indeed become smarter, her mind turned faster, and even the operation of her spiritual powers had become meticulous these two kinds of jade leaves are much better than those sold on the street she could not help but be surprised that she had also bought a lot of heavenly eye jade leaves made by other spiritualists, all of which were used when examining objects, and their effects how much weight can you lose liposuction were similar.

There are a few spirits who are fighting with the robbers, and they Ostad Rahnama how to lose belly fat on plant based diet have no time to take care of the black sarcophagus on best nighttime weight loss pills the backs of the beasts.

Let is start from the past life.Su shizi, we have only met twice, bathroom habit for weight loss you do not need to worry about me.Su yun let out a turbid breath and said solemnly I am not entirely for you, but .

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also for how to lose face fat jawline myself.

Knowing the characteristics of human beings and demons.He continued reading.Human demons are good at possessing and can attach themselves to others and imitate others.

I can best weight loss plan for morbid obesity not leave, and there is no need to meet again in the future.Su yun bowed and thanked thank you uncle jiao for your guidance.Jiao shuao walked away, and the fox demons watched him go away, only to see jiao shuao walking several dozen feet with a lame leg, how actresses lose weight came to a stone monument, and then turned his head and muttered to himself.

Su yun suddenly felt a lot more comfortable in his right how to lose belly fat on plant based diet arm.The doctor dong changed a pair of silver needles and sent some boiled concoction along the hollow silver needles into su yun is right arm.

The inside of this building is the place where he came last time.Physician dong is doing how to lose belly fat on plant based diet all kinds of experiments that are terrifying and dehumanizing in the eyes of ordinary people, but in su yun is view, this is a how did tom hanks lose weight for philadelphia matter of knowledge.

She let out a sigh, and suddenly the beauty with bones shattered with a clatter, her bones shattered into powder, and her clothes fell to the ground.

What he did not expect was that the number of bans was beyond what others expected what he did not even expect was that the spiritual trapping cage he had finally set up was easily cracked by su yun.

Although it was late at night, fires were everywhere in huangfengang.The weasels in huangcun held torches and sat in a circle.The village chief of huangcun, the old weasel stood on a high platform, holding the torches high, shouting loudly .

Su yun made a judgment like a flash of lightning.At this time, li muge had already rushed into the mine.He obviously did not know how to sense qi and blood, and the gray robber was black, so he did not realize that the gray robber had actually arrived at the door of the robbery factory now there is chaos everywhere, and there is a lot of noise, and su yun can not inform him.

Whether it is doors, windows, or pillars and walls, there are dragons and phoenixes carved, living room and study room, pen, ink, paper, inkstone and screen murals, piano best beachbody program for weight loss beginners room kitchen, everything.

Li zhuxian watched him tie up .

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a stone sculpture and was amazed.The girl wutong is eyes flashed, looking at su yun is leaving figure, thoughtfully.

Su yun suddenly fell down, the young man was in the air, his blood moved the golden wooden bell, and the little wooden bell turned into a pair of bi fang is divine wings, inserted behind him, he pumped his blood and poured into the wings.

Go to the next one.Su yun stepped out and said lightly.The lu family is immortals were quiet in the middle, except for the crisp sound when the glass curtain window shattered and fell.

Until they see wutong again, they will feel that this is the person they are most familiar with and trust.

Huahu heard su yun is voice in the water waves second brother hua, longyou quzhu.

Big brother many scholars looked at wen xiutao.Wen xiutao hesitated for a while, and then slowly stepped forward.Su yun stopped in his footsteps, showing a look of anticipation are you the senior brother of the jiuyuan academy of kendo wen xiutao said solemnly not bad.

The number of people in the scene above the sky is getting smaller, and it is difficult to meet the lonely scholars.

Su yun tentatively how to lose belly fat on plant based diet said sir, then where should I start qiu shuijing shoved a roll of paper for him when you first came into the city and encountered the gray robber, then it is natural to start the investigation from the gray how to burn cortisol fat robber.